Gloucester City, NJ Library: Rules of Conduct
Gloucester City Library

Rules of Conduct


While strives to provide a welcoming, open, and comfortable atmosphere, the Gloucester City Library will maintain an orderly, safe, and secure environment for its patrons.

  1. Eating is allowed in designated areas only.
  2. Use of tobacco in any form is prohibited.
  3. No one may carry a weapon into the library unless authorized by law. Any patron authorized to carry a weapon must notify library staff must notify library staff that he/she is carrying a weapon in the library.
  4. Only animals assisting a patron with a disability or animals in training for disability assistance are permitted in the Library.
  5. Soliciting within the library is prohibited.
  6. The library building must not be misused (i.e. using the restrooms as a laundry or washing facility, or using the library as a place to sleep).
  7. No one may interfere with another person's use of the library or with the library personnel's performance of their duties.
  8. Abusive language towards other library users or library personnel is not permitted.
  9. Inappropriate behavior or activities which may reasonably result in the interference of normal use and enjoyment of the Library by other patrons is not acceptable.
  10. Conversations will be conducted so as not to be heard outside of the speakers' immediate area.
  11. Making noise or engaging in disruptive behavior is not permitted.
  12. Cell phones are permitted, on silent ring, and conversations conducted as above.
  13. Personal audio equipment may be used only if others cannot hear it.
  14. Personal hygiene shall be such as to not interfere with another person's use and enjoyment of the library.
  15. Shoes and shirts shall be worn at all times.
  16. All library materials must be checked out before leaving the library.
  17. Damaging, abusing, or misusing library material and/or property is prohibited.
  18. No illegal substance or controlled dangerous substance shall be consumed or used within the grounds or buildings of the library.
  19. Any person violating the rules 1 through 17 of this policy will be asked to adhere to the rules. Anyone failing to adhere to the rules after being so advised will be required to leave the Library for the remainder of the day. Persistent or severe violations of these rules may result in suspension of library privileges and access to the library. The Library Director will determine the length of suspension or any conditions for use (e.g. use only if accompanied by a parent or guardian).
  20. Any person violating rule 18 of this policy shall be suspended of library privileges and access to the library for a period of one year for the first violation and the suspension shall be permanent for a second or subsequent violation.
  21. Appeals of suspensions may be presented to the Board of Trustees at its regular meetings.

This policy supersedes all previous policies. Adopted by the Board of Trustees on Sept 21, 2015.